Monday, June 25, 2007

So now who's the idiot? You, or me...

...the guy who married a black bear.
So I didn't marry a black bear, but I did see two of them whilst mountain biking yesterday. Almost needless to say, I was so excited to have been in such close proximity to them that I screamed in delight! Appropriately enough, however, today I found myself writing a brief for the paper on how to be safe while enjoying the trails of Jasper and area. Apparently what I did was horrendously wrong; screaming and running, as it turns out, usually tends to scare bears into attacking innocent mountain bikers such as myself. Thankfully my friend, Ashley, with whom I was riding had enough 'bear-smarts' to coax me into turning around and choosing a different path.

Now today it's pouring rain outside. The bakery downstairs is sending sweet, cinnamony smells up to my nostrils and tempting me away from my lexical stylings in the blogosphere. Resist, I shall... only to return to the stories awaiting to be set free from my mind, through my fingers and onto my computuer screen! Oh the joys of being a tired writer at a block. Away I go.

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