Thursday, June 14, 2007

I feel like old ballz

Um... not like having some, but like I am old ballz (reference, of course, to Adam Sandler in Big Daddy). Alas, I digress. I got my road-bike tuned up this week and finally picked her up yesterday. I was so pumped, and I even met a few women from town here who ride every Wednesday so we went for a quick rip down highway 93 (the icefields parkway). The quick rip quickly turned into an unstoppable desire to do the 60 km Athabasca Falls loop, and it was gorgeous! Usually when I drive out to the falls, I feel like a complete douche-bag: driving all that way to appreciate nature just seems hypocritical. So to bike out there was quite rewarding, both physically and for my environmental conscience. And I've never biked that far in my life, so to do in in 2.5 hours was quite the personal accomplishment. Now, speaking to the title of this blog, my hips are so sore today that I feel like I'm just old ballz. I'll stretch it out at yoga tonight :).

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