Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's been awhile

well here i am, back in jtown and this time with a real, grown-up job at a local newspaper. i've had my anxieties about it to be sure, but today i got the ball rolling by getting over my whacko fear of conducting phone-interviews in front of other people and hammered out a story. last night i was also charged with the responsibility of going to the activity centre and the soccer field to take pictures of the year-end gymnastics finale and local soccer game, respectively.

what else is going on? well considering i haven't 'blogged' in about a year, this is new again to me. i'm looking forward to writing all about my many experiences here in j-town as i begin my life in the post post-secondary world, aka the working world. it will have its challenges, i'm sure, but i really feel like i'm ready for them. i've run my complete course as a waitress, and i truly feel that for me to go back to earls would be a counterproductive to the professional goals i want to achieve.

i want to work hard at this newspaper for at least a year, at which point i will re-evaluate my position with them.
i want to make a lot of contacts in the j-town area because i love it here, and would love the opportunity to set up my life and make a home here.
while i've always said that i never want to work to make money, i now realize that that is just a little too idealist. i want to do what i love, but be paid what i'm worth. again, that statement might be too idealist as well, but it's the new ideal towards which i'd like to strive.
so what do i love? my experience thus far tells me that i love, and am good at, working with people to understand their message and use my communications skills to convey their desired message. because that description fits the fields of print journalism, broadcast, media relations and public relations, and likely a number of other careers, i do not yet know with absolute certainty where i would like to end up. however, knowing that i want to do what i love and be paid what i'm worth makes me think that perhaps a job in pr might be a good fit.
there are also other entrepreneurship opportunities i might want to create for myself. we'll see about those as the years progress.

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