Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wake up and smell the coffee

This morning saw a new era begin in my life.
I woke up early without an alarm, as usual, only this time I used the extra time to my advantage.
Rather than maximizing head-to-pillow time, regardless of sleep, I got up and brewed my first cup of coffee for myself!
Cue the celebratory, triumphant big-band music!
That's right... no more will I be spending up to $5 a day on coffee.
Now, I can have the sweet, black awakening elexir every morning without the guilt of spending oh so needlessly.
There will be some fine-tuning involved, as this morning's hazel-nutty brew was just a little on the strong side.
That could be the reason for this excessively jubilant, early-morning blog.
Welp, I came to work early for a reason.
Away I go to write.

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